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Hotel Highlights:

This month, Travelara is highlighting the best Miami Beach hotels:

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Loews Miami Beach Hotel
Loews Miami Beach Hotel – This trendy resort in Miami Beach provides free wireless internet, as well as a Jacuzzi and an outdoor pool. Loews Miami Beach Hotel offers 5-star accommodation and views of the city, beach and ocean. Read more …
Royal Palm South Beach
Royal Palm South Beach – Guests of this unique resort will appreciate the seclusion of its private beach and on-site day spa, all located just a quick drive from the heart of Miami Beach. Read more …
Ritz Carlton South Beach
Ritz Carlton South Beach – The Ritz-Carlton South Beach provides 5-star accommodation in Miami Beach. It features a day spa, as well as porters, free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool. Read more …

1 Hotel South Beach
1 Hotel South Beach – Offering a sauna, a private beach and a Jacuzzi, 1 Hotel South Beach is located in Miami Beach and is a short walk from Miami City Ballet. Read more …
W South Beach
W South Beach – Situated in Miami Beach, W South Beach offers stylish, 5-star accommodation close to Miami City Ballet. Guests also have exclusive access to the on-site Bliss® Spa Miami and FIT. Read more …
Fontainebleau Hotel
Fontainebleau Hotel – Providing an in-house night club and a beauty centre, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is located in Miami Beach and offers 5-star accommodation. Read more

Riviera Suites South Beach
Riviera Suites South Beach – Situated in Miami Beach, Riviera Suites South Beach provides stylish, 4-star accommodation close to Miami City Ballet. Read more …
Beacon Hotel South Beach
Beacon Hotel South Beach – Situated in Miami Beach, Beacon Hotel South Beach provides stylish, 3-star accommodation close to Ocean Drive. Read more …
Eden Roc Miami Beach
Eden Roc Miami Beach – Opened in 1956, Eden Roc Miami Beach is set in Miami Beach and offers a private beach, an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi. Read more