Natchez pay you to move

When someone offers you money to move to their town, you might think there’s a catch — like the entire town is about to fall into a giant sinkhole or something. In Natchez, MS, a small town of 15,000, there’s no catch. It’s offering a new resettlement package of up to $6,100 to entice remote workers to relocate there. This includes up to $2,500 in moving costs, plus a monthly stipend of $300 for the first year to cover living expenses.

In return, applicants (18 and over) must have a job based outside of the region and be able to work remotely, buy a house worth at least $150,000, and live there for at least one year, and adopt Natchez as their primary residence. That’s a pretty easy proposition when a town has as much to offer as Natchez.

Located on the Mississippi River, the town has gorgeous historic mansions — many of which are open to the public — an annual crawfish boil and rock festival, and a lively bar scene.

There are 30 slots available in the program, and they’re likely to go fast. More information is available online.

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